Film Developing at Richard Photo Lab

I recently mentioned that I wanted to up the quality of my film developing. While I can develop my own B&W film in my home darkroom, I really needed to start sending my color film to a pro lab.   

When researching labs, the name Richard Photo Lab in Hollywood kept coming up, most notably during my favorite podcast, Inside Analog Photo, but also on the blogs of many film photographers.    

Surprisingly, I discovered that RPL is substantially less expensive than my local Chicago alternatives, once I add in the cost of scanning and proof prints.  Therefore, sending my film there became a no-brainer.

The first film I sent to RPL was three rolls I took on my Rolleiflex at my best friend’s wedding.  Three weeks later, I received the scans via FTP server.  I am extremely pleased with the results.  The colors!  Substantially better than the results from my local lab - by a lot.

I will definitely be sending all future important rolls of film to Richard Photo Lab.

{All photos shots with my Rolleiflex TLR and Kodak Portra 400.  I used my analog Sekonic meter and exposed the film for 200 ISO.}

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